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In terms of skills that may improve the lives of other people, whilst not being overtly technical or thoroughly objective, I like to get to do these.


Group facilitation

I have run and co-run successful poetry groups, primarily with vulnerable adults such as those with mental health problems, and/or substance issues.

playing piano.jpg

Piano tuition

I've played classical piano for 33 years now, and acquired a broad understanding of the instrument itself, and teaching it (cf. my extended piano essay in "Unpoetic polemics.) Dozens of the people I've taught gained useful musical foundations with me. I personally began piano aged 21. It categorically stopped me from killing myself.


Dog walking

I love dogs especially, but all animals are important. The dog pictured was one of many I voluntarily walked for the RSPCA. His name was Rebel, but they retrained him with the name Rufus. Being called "Rebel" could have jeopardised his adoption chances. He was soon taken by a carpenter, and went to work with him every day, therefore never being left alone. My volunteering to walk dogs for the RSPCA, turned out to be instrumental in me meeting my second wife, and me not being alone as well ! This is how life is : an increasing or decreasing of our odds, of chances that are never totally givens.

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