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The route from arrogance to “sir”

Updated: Aug 16

When you aren’t known by someone, and they misinterpret your display of assertiveness, as arrogance, for example, it’s not all lost.

As in the blog, “Get a hat and be a man”, I suggested that consistency is valuable. No-one is going to call an actual boy, or a man-child, “sir”. That’s mostly down to their changing behaviours, which don’t demonstrate firmness of any personality traits or attitudes.

Respectability can result, after giving and maintaining an impression (hopefully in a genuine, natural, and effortless way), that says you’ve lived sufficient life, to have settled into a workable behaviour; one that from the outside looks workable too. Added to that, by avoiding small talk, with the mindfulness not to make others who tend to engage in it feel small (we’re all at different states), and to look and feel comfortable in silences, well, this may be a way.

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