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The folly of buying a DMR radio that doesn't actually support the DMR digital mode

ICOM's IC-R8600, high-end communications receiver, appears to have settled at firmware v1.35. I listen to mine nearly every night. It's the best bedside radio in existence. I've used mine for around an hour a night, for the last five months. Having been a shortwave listener (on and off ;)) since the ‘80s and having not noticed a single problem with my own R8600, upgrading the inner code beyond v1.35 seems pointless. I've found nothing to fix. Arriving at the DMR debate (digital mobile radio) there’s a silliness. ICOM chooses its own proprietary solution. If you had wanted DMR as passionately as others do, you ought to have bought a radio with it in already. It reminds me of some women who marry so-called bad boys or players. They want excitement without infidelity, etc., and they marry, but with plans in place from the offset, to modify their husbands to suit. It's a classic mistake that often ends in divorce, and further down the line, an eventual bonding, but this time with a partner who has the figurative DMR already installed.

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