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Solitude and the Mr & Mrs TV show

The first significant message I placed in my literature, was "Embrace your aloneness." You should do so before entering the "world". Ultimately, we all should, at least to a degree.

We might think we know people well, but when they're thrown into sudden situations requiring a snap decision, people can surprise us. Life was perhaps mirrored by the old Mr & Mrs TV show from the 70s onward. To a spouse’s surprise, after decades of marriage, a husband or a wife may answer way off the mark.

Realising our own aloneness before our peers do, can create a real challenge, and it may lead to loneliness, but that's not the way to view it. There's a negative ring to that. Instead, it's about solitude, and solitude has been the driving force of much of the world's great creativity.

So, positively embrace your aloneness, and enjoy Godspeed in your endeavours, in your path.

I Googled for a page of relevant quotes and found this great hit.

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