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Get a hat and be a man

Updated: Aug 16

Firstly, I mean “person”, not literally “man”, but the connotation was stronger with “man”.

My third major job took me to a local university. Initially, I coded software in ‘C’ for an Astro chemist. I know: “beam me up Scotty”. I was soon struck by how two of my colleagues wore the precise same clothes, or types of items, week after week after month after year.

As someone who was well acquainted with classical piano music, and its composers, I remembered how Eric Satie was labelled the Velvet Gentleman, because he allegedly had several identical jackets in that material, and he always wore one, hence looking eccentric. And that spilled onto his music to, because he wrote bizarre, tongue in cheek performance directions on scores, such as stuff about parrots, etc. They seem to me to have been justifiable and necessary reactions to the late romantic period, which had got carried away by overly embracing Wagnerian excesses, which needed derailing.

Satie invariably hung out with other creatives in the cafes of Montmartre. My colleagues were quite unimaginative, after all, they were computer technicians. So, I ultimately viewed their choice of dress as a uniform.

I tried to brainstorm uniform wearing -

It might suggest you know your mind, and who you are. That way it portrays some strength and conviction.

It might say work is work, and you’re not distracted by irrelevant peripheries. You work both consistently in amount and quality.

When we were at school, the uniform levelled us in important socioeconomical ways.

* * *

The major underlying aspect here is consistency, which can rise above competitive and worldly vanities, linked with wardrobe sizes, but the blog’s title referred to hats?

Buy yourself a nice hat and wear it always. Many people may forget you after having had a brief and casual exchange, but there’s a better chance they’ll not forget your hat; and incidentally, you must forget it! Hats can also serve as a measure of a person’s lack of self-consciousness. That’s a good vibe to broadcast. They also offer some positive benefits of a uniform, without covering an entire body!

I could have called this blog, “Be consistent and be an adult”. The hat I ultimately settled into daily wearing, was a blue leather beret, I ordered it from this Polish company, which was established in 1926. Therefore, -

I suggest -

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