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"Be kind", really?

Clearly, Jesus and others after him, have been saying "love one another", "peace", and "be kind", etc., for at least two millenia now. If only life was that easy, and we could demand each other were nice, and they would have to be so.

Perhaps Dr Jordan Peterson's idea of us sorting out our own "houses", and being responsible, rather than telling others to sort themselves out, and us not needing to, is more helpful? I think my broad idea of individualism, overlaps with Peterson's responsibility mantra.

The stumbling block for the less active "camp", is the problem of who should be kind first, or do we all trace a path back to Calvery? Either way, in the 20-20s, I feel the temperature is getting hotter and hotter, both literally and figuratively. It doesn't seem that the attempted shaming of individuals, has any chance of solving world problems, because it is simply the controlling, lazy, and self-righteous peculiarities, of a small westernised culture, and of a certain age range too.

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