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Abnormal psychology and the Matrix film's red pill

Updated: Feb 22

The quote at the bottom is so accurate, and exactly what I experienced in my early to mid twenties. Please read on though.

You might read my prose and verse. I managed to learn and share so much. My main book is, "I am". It's a very tight in 42 pages. (I'm never verbose like so many writers are). The PDF version of "I am" can be found as a free download on my website. There are no strings attached to getting it, like questions, such as requests for email addresses. Zero records are kept, so I'd need telling or I'd categorically not know anyone had it.

I want my writing to help people, rather than it being a mechanism to enlarge my ego. That's so common in the world, people readily assume the motive in others. Often it stems from them projecting their own egotism, or attitudes, upon others. In part, my "I am" book even talks about these aspects.

* * *

We're mostly immune to abnormal psychology, but in my experience, the Burroughs quote below is accurate and not unlike taking the Matrix Film red pill. In a sense I did so, and I eventually reported back to those who took the Blue pill, or perhaps neither pills.

* * *

"A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. A psychotic is a guy who's just found out what's going on.”

~ William S. Burroughs.

* * *

I've not putting a live link. Interested people will find out more. However, www_michaelholme_com

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