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a writer and group facilitator

I gained my writing skills writing poems over 20 years, very significantly, with a good tutor, ALISON CHISHOLM. I had many poems internationally published, but after 2020 I abandoned poetry for direct non-fiction, not before having read poems all over the north west of England, at around one hundred Live events. As well as helping my confidence, specifically in public speaking, it expanded my small social contacts.

Eventually, I facilitated face to face poetry groups, for people with mental illnesses, and/or those recovering from substance use. some had left prison. Sadly, the covid-19 UK lock-downs thwarted it.

a statement masquerading as a poem

The piece below remains the last poetic like piece I wrote, before non-fiction took over. Not only is it the very last poem I publicly read, but out of my near 600 poems, chronologically printed in my COMPLETE VERSE book, it is also the only one that was ever read live by someone other than me. It makes a highly fitting end to my verse.

When I changed:

It happened in one moment.

I realised my worth.
Some people stopped liking me.
Some people started.

Most days became valid.
Acting out me was fun.
I could drink alcohol sensibly.
I became interested in humanity.

The longer I was me, -

                     the more me I was.
Dare I say I increased in wisdom?
My empathy rocketed.
The plight of others -

                     could make me cry.

In part, the right wing grated.
I gained personal rules.
Turning a blind eye was not one.

Further introspection was.

An adult relationship was possible.
I'm made up I became me.
I'm saddened some don't make it.
It's hard, but the "before-me" bit -

                     has a name.

It's called Hell.


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