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As of April 2023 I have begun taking piano students again :

More on my YouTube channel :

I learned much more than the craft of poetry by distance learning :

I gained some confidence through this writing group :

I discovered markets to publish my poems here :

I built my website with this market leader :

Self-publish your books here :

Find further wisdom, and be validated, here :

Piano saved my life. I choose Roland keys :

My 2nd wife and I met on "match" :

I am a Roman Catholic by definition alone. I have no comments about this book :
The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

Sadhguru is accurate, accessible and respectable :

My cursory view of Integral Zen is positive :

This is my older brother's electronics website :

ChatGPT is an amazing AI robot. Ask it anything :

The link below points to "Alter Ego", a game on the Commodore 64 from 1986 (when I was 18). Peter J. Favaro, PhD wrote it. It was mostly text based, in which the "player" made lots of life choices for an imaginary person, from their birth till their death. The point was that you got to see the impact of your decisions. It was a sophisticated life simulation, and a teacher even. You can play it once on the website, and/or buy the app :

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Finally, nothing about God, but -


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