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I've collected relevant MEMEs from many places. If you click on them, the smaller ones will be clearer, and in each case, my own comments will also be shown.

And here's me talking about creativity, to a small collection of strangers, in Gullivers in Manchester's Northern Quarter. It was the 26th of July 2022, and my words were extremely well received.

I ended this talk with my final "poem",
'When I changed'. It feels fitting that its last word, was as strong a word as "HELL". Afterwards, I exclusively wrote nonfiction.

This next video was taken from a Royal Society of Arts Northern Engage event. The platform was Zoom, and the date was the 22nd of February 2023. I talked about individuality, and the notion of mavericks. As expected, given what I said, there was little after talk. The following blog post on this site is a close transcript.

The next video is very important. Sadhguru addresses a group about their knowledge of self at the deepest level. many answer that question relative to external factors, often outside of their control. that's a position diametrically opposed to everything on this website, which insists our paths should involve Inner measures, including those echoed in my own independently conceived
"I am" book.

One night when I was ~23, I burst out of sleep in the small hours, and realised, at the profoundest level, that I didn't know who I was, It took >20 years to resolve, and consequentially stripped my life of anything like conventionality,
making it a cliched
"long story", written down anyway.
Seekers can find everything via this website.

The video below features Jim Carrey demonstrating the famous adage,
many a true word is spoken in jest!"

I love this next short video. It's taken from within a larger one on YouTube, that was Recorded at the findhorn foundation in August 2016, Doshin Roshi asks a group of people,
who are you?"

I wanted to share a full length talk by Jordan Peterson about Pinocchio, but that would be very long.
You can find lots of his interpretations of stories on YouTube. His answer to this question,
posed by Dave Rubin,
moved me and mentioned Pinocchio too, so I added it.
Peterson's words on archetypes, are Life-1o1 truths.

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