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My late 70s-early 80s schooling left me nearly illiterate. I fixed my writing after the Millennium, by embracing a course in poetry. Ironically, my reading became a strength by remaining poor !

Realising my independent life lessons, including several clichéd School of Hard Knocks ones, often had weaker equivalents amongst my peers, due to their roots being in books, I was led to understand, that independent thoughts and discoveries can strengthen threads of wisdom, and ultimately become commonsense. The static nature of books has little potential for fresh discoveries, but the latter can ultimately lead to common-faith; if you will ?

I suggest we grow individually: see my free "I am" book & "No - a shortcut to assertiveness".

My free Blogs page forms as a retail book if you prefer ? It's my nonfiction "Aesop's fables" !

Eventually, I shared all my thoughts at whatever the cost, and aiming for the widest audience. Then after a few years, I discovered that Jordan Peterson approved such a tack, as if to say, "the truth will prevail." so, it became my mode ... 

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