The website of Michael John Holme FRSA


"I am" presents my fundamental life tenets. it can be Downloaded here.

"Unpoetic polemics..." expands the prose way beyond "I am".

"The complete verse..." is 593 poems, necessarily overlapping the prose.

All Michael's words and his opus 1 for piano are available in print here.


This 42 paged book poured out of me during mania, and it reached publication, three weeks from the completion of its first page, during the first UK coronavirus lockdown.

Unpoetic 2.jpg

This predominately presents prose, with some relevant poems. Many of its words are psychological and philosophical. they're written by me, and consequently intermingle. Unpoetic polemics... is 395 pages long. There are useful autobiographical sections, and even artistic tutoring. The latter aims to foster motivational attitudes. in fact, a balance between the minutiae and the nebulous is encouraged..

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This beautiful A4 sized hardback holds 593 poems written between 2000 and 2020. they cover many years when I was mentally lost, and some when things were clicking. I wrote very few poems in the final years. In all honesty, nonfiction is the way to share clear and considered words, and that became apparent to me. Furthermore, it is brave to make points in the clearest way; but these poems are very rich, and many were published by others, other than me, even with prestige.