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The website of Michael John Holme FRSA


"I am" presents my fundamental life tenets. It can be downloaded here.

"Unpoetic polemics..." expands the prose beyond "I am", but its included "No - a shortcut to assertiveness", seems so important, it's a free download too.

"The complete verse..." is 593 poems, which necessarily overlap the prose.

My Opus 1 for piano, and other printed works, are on sale here,


This 42 paged book poured out of me during mania, and it reached publication, three weeks from the completion of its first page, during the first UK coronavirus lockdown.

Unpoetic 2.jpg

This is mostly prose, but with a little verse. It leans to psychology and philosophy, as arrived at entirely by myself. Unpoetic polemics is 395 pages long. There are useful autobiographical parts, artistic tutoring, and much more. The acquisition of skills help to foster motivational attitudes, whilst maintaining a balance between the minutiae and the nebulous, which is healthy too.

Complete front.2.JPG

This beautiful A4 sized hardback holds 593 poems written between 2000 and 2020, and covering many dark years, but ultimate good ones too. The last few years yielded little poems, because nonfiction writing had taken over. I realised it offered greater clarity in factual communication. Furthermore, that suggests bravery. Nevertheless, this poetry is very rich, with around one in ten pieces having been published by others, whether as large organisations or individual editors.

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